If you enjoy the relaxing and beautiful surroundings of the Dandenong Mountains and would like to have a great meal in a colonial atmosphere, Pie in the Sky is the place for you.

Pie In The Sky restaurant will never fail to make you feel right at home, as each of our 3 levels have a sense of comfortability and warmth. For warmer days, you are able to enjoy our balcony which admires the views of the mountains where as for colder days, this is just the space to make you feel cosy to settle in with a warm drink and one of our beautiful dessert pies.

Ever since 1993, Pie in the Sky prides itself in offering not only our winning selection of pies, but also the best scones in the Dandenongs commonly enjoyed with freshly whipping cream and our homemade raspberry jam. You also then have the choice to enjoy a cup of tea, hot chocolate or classic latte, with one of our delicious home made cakes, tarts or strudels