Is Boscastle's Pure Aussie Beef the pie for you?

Perhaps it's to do with cherished memories of school lunch orders, but there's something about a savoury pastry - be it a pie, pastie or sausage roll - that holds a special place in the hearts of many.

With every baker and his dog (and their local servo) peddling pies and sausage rolls, however, where do you find the good stuff? We looked around Melbourne and came up with this beginners' guide to the city's best savoury pastries.

Got your own local favourite? Found a meat pie that puts the others to shame? Leave your big-ups in the comments.



With a swag of awards that includes 11 gold medals in the annual Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition, Olinda's Pie In The Sky offers a mouthwatering variety of meat pies (and one very tasty vegetarian option, Spinach & Feta). It's easy to see why their Aussie Meat Pie took out the gold in 2000, 2001 and 2003; the meat is lean and finely ground, the gravy offset by herbs and spices, and the pastry is golden and flaky. Served with a side of chips and salad, it elevates a classic to something heavenly. Fear not, however, if you'd rather eat it out of a paper bag in your car: they also do take-away.

43 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda, 9751 2128



The Ferguson family opened their store at the Vic Market in 1931, and it's still turning out all manner of baked delights today (of course, now the Plarre family are a part of the bargain, too). Yes, Ferguson Plarre have 53 stores throughout the state, but there's something about the Vic Market stall that feels like a little slice of history. For those in a savoury mood, it's difficult to go past their famous Tiddly Oggie, a traditional spin on the Cornish pastie that remains one of Melbourne's best: it's "meat and three veg" in a pastry casing. And if you're feeling sentimental, then their family meat pie is also a winner - just don't be greedy and eat the whole thing yourself.

Victoria Market, Dairy Produce Hall, 9329 6792



A Chocolate-themed patisserie might seem like an odd place to get a good sausage roll, but rest assured that Belgrave's Chocolate Sensation is on the money when it comes to this classic. Where other bakeries may overdo it on the pastry or filling (and then there are those who wrap an actual sausage in pastry; disturbing), Chocolate Sensation's sausage rolls are the perfect balance of "sausage" and "roll". Served with home-made relish, or t-sauce if you're a traditionalist, they have a buttery pastry and a delicately seasoned meat filling. And no, they don't put chocolate in them.

Shop 1, 1700 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, 9754 1174



While it's true that you can find Boscastle pies and other goodies all around Victoria, you can't beat a visit to their Brunswick shopfront for their best and freshest. And while "gourmet" pies can be a recipe for disaster in the wrong hands, Boscastle have made an art out of thinking outside the pie-crust (so to speak). Indeed, it's hard to go past their Thai Chicken pie, which has become their signature offering; its blend of red Thai curry paste, coconut, coriander and lime is still (spicy) heaven after all these years. If that's a little bit too far out for you, relax, they still make an old-fashioned meat pie: just ask for their Aussie Pure Beef.

260 Barkly Street, Brunswick, 9092 8113



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