If you think it was pie in the sky, my idea that I could have five Melbourne pies, then this selection brings credence to that theory. However if you read on you'll see there are in fact five Melbourne locations where you can get a good pie.

This place has won more medals than Michael Phelps and deservedly so in my opinion, the pies are lovely. This is a first hand opinion. In fact all these selections are. I do love a good pie - it's all part of being a fair dinkum Aussie.

I've read other reviews about this place (which is something I've always done, read reviews that is, I'm always on the lookout for something interesting). This place gets a few bad ones. I think Nick Hornby, who if you didn't know is a British writer, (there are a few of his quotes I use) said, Amazon reviewers are "bastards" as rarely can a writer maintain more than four out of five stars. I think this goes for all reviews I've read on just about all things on the net. Reviewers run everything down as it is at no cost to themselves. This must be a distant cousin to the 'tall poppy syndrome'.

So it wasn't pie in the sky that they won all these medals, they won them fair and square on their own merits (if this sentence and one earlier make no sense to you, it is because you do not realise that pie in the sky is an expression that means an unachievable dream). It's not just the pies that are good, the whole kit and caboodle is of a similar standard. There is a nice home style feel about the food, service and atmosphere. Most pies seem to come with three ice cream sized scoops of mash, peas, sauce and gravy.

I've had the Beef Burgundy, which I would have had every time, only once they gave me the Beef by mistake, it didn't worry me as they've all been great. As well as the pies there are an abundance of lovely cakes and puddings.

And to top it all this is in a beautiful location, if this wasn't just a pie contest, 'Pie in the Sky' would have won hands down.





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